10232 Palace Cinema


10232: Palace Cinema is the latest modular set, to be released in March 2013. The set will have 2,194 pieces and will cost US $149.99. I might as well just hand LEGO my wallet. You can bet every brickfilmer is now adding posters to their production to-do list and planning their premieres here.

The set was first seen at Eurobricks, where Grogall posted the first picture. FBTB.net has a Flickr gallery and below is the designer video, posted by Hothbricks

The Palace Cinema is based on Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the site of many Hollywood premieres, including Star Wars in 1977. It doesn’t take much to image the LEGO Star Wars recreation of the premiere. Personally, I can’t wait for someone to do a LEGO version of Star Wait, where fans lined up six weeks before the release of the Phantom Menace.

The exterior is quite lovely, with lots of detail. I would have loved a balcony and a bigger screen. Still, the beauty of LEGO is that you can always modify it, right?


LEGO, Star Wars, Christmas, and Brickfilms

I’m sure civilization would survive without another LEGO blog. But I thought I would chronicle and share the journey and what I learn about making LEGO stop motion movies.

It all started with lust for a LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon and a frugal wife (Hi sweetie!). As luck would have it, LEGO ran a contest where you could win a Millennium Falcon by submitting a Christmas themed photo or video using your LEGO Star Wars sets. 3 sleepless weeks later, the LEGO Millennium Falcon was mine. Here is the video that scored it for me, Santa Yoda, featuring the lovely singing of my frugal and very talented wife.

A year later, I’ve made 7 more stop motion brickfilms, placed in a couple of contests, spent way more on LEGO sets than I’ve won (hi sweetie!), and the Millennium Falcon is scattered across half a dozen movie sets. To see what a difference a year makes, here is my second LEGO Star Wars Christmas movie: A Hoth Christmas.