LEGO, Star Wars, Christmas, and Brickfilms

I’m sure civilization would survive without another LEGO blog. But I thought I would chronicle and share the journey and what I learn about making LEGO stop motion movies.

It all started with lust for a LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon and a frugal wife (Hi sweetie!). As luck would have it, LEGO ran a contest where you could win a Millennium Falcon by submitting a Christmas themed photo or video using your LEGO Star Wars sets. 3 sleepless weeks later, the LEGO Millennium Falcon was mine. Here is the video that scored it for me, Santa Yoda, featuring the lovely singing of my frugal and very talented wife.

A year later, I’ve made 7 more stop motion brickfilms, placed in a couple of contests, spent way more on LEGO sets than I’ve won (hi sweetie!), and the Millennium Falcon is scattered across half a dozen movie sets. To see what a difference a year makes, here is my second LEGO Star Wars Christmas movie: A Hoth Christmas.


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