LEGO Backlot


Every studio needs a good backlot. Why keep rebuilding the same city backgrounds over and over again? When the inspiration or contest deadline strikes, I hardly ever have the time or inclination to create beautifully detailed LEGO buildings for backdrops. I need to make it into a project of its own.

The anchors to my backlot will be 10211: The Grand Emporium and 10232: Palace Cinema. Not having won the lottery, I’ll need to be a bit resourceful for the rest. As much as it pains me, I might need to turn the LEGO Gingrott’s from 10217: Diagon Alley into a museum.

I’ve created a LEGO Backlot board on Pinterest to collect the stuff that inspires me. Particularly RedCoKid’s jewel-like creations, Xenomurphy’s New York inspired buildings. Bricktowntalk is a great source of inspiration. Given my penchant for supehero movies, I’ll need a good  alley. I’ll update this post as my LEGO backlot comes together.


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