LEGO Animation Contests

Prizes are of course nice, but LEGO stop-motion contests are great for the aspiring Brickfilmer. Why?

  • Practice. No mad stop-motion skills for you without practice.
  • Deadlines. Best way to keep a project from languishing is a firm deadline.
  • Contraints. Embrace story, time, or budget restrictions and the creative juices will start flowing.

My favorite example of helpful constraints is a LEGO-sponsored contest at Eurobricks. You had to show a hero or villain doing something mundane. None of the usual rock-’em-sock-’em.  You also had to use the LEGO Movie App for the iPhone, which meant to fancy editing, special effects or graphics. I didn’t win, but I’m pretty happy with the resulting video: Roadtrip!

Current and upcoming LEGO stop-motion contests:

Brawl 2013. You have to shoot and edit a 30 second video in a week. Starts July 28.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Project.

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Video Project

LEGO Stop Motion Contest Forums and Resources

  • Tongal is serious competition for serious cash. Still, you can participate at different levels (idea, pitches and videos) and sometimes you might get an advance if your pitch is selected.
  • BrickFilmersGuild is an online community for Brickfilmers and the founders do a good job of posting contests in their blog.
  • Eurobricks as a whole is really active, and monthly themes often feature contests.
  • Brickfilms is an online community for Brickfilmers with a dedicated forum for contests.
  • BricksInMotion is an online community for Brickfilmers with a dedicated forum for contests. They just announced Brawl 2013, where you have a week to produce a brickfilm.
  • From Bricks to Bothans will run a movie making contest every now and then.

Good luck, and the may the best animation win!


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