10211 Grand Emporium Review


10211: The Grand Emporium is a great set for any LEGO movie maker’s backlot. It has a beautiful façade with some fun builds and the window displays, food vendor and other bits will make your street scene come alive.

Other things I has going for it from a movie making standpoint:

  • It’s a corner building. Isn’t whipping around a corner avoiding scrambling bystanders more exciting? Yes it is.
  • It includes a window washer on a suspended scaffold. Here comes LEGO Superman to save the day.
  • A great roof for a watchful LEGO Batman to perch on. It’s got a billboard, a skylight, and some nice detailing to offset the brooding.

The inside is too crammed for an iPhone, much less a digital SLR. So any shooting beyond an inside-looking-out shot or a perspective shot down the escalators, which are a fun build, is going to take some futzing. My only nitpic is that the chandelier is beautiful but its attachment is delicate.

If you are going to splurge on an off-the-shelf set, this is the one to do it one. At $150 I am extremely satisfied. It took me a day to build taking my time and I’m going to get lots of use as the anchor of my LEGO backlot.


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