Brickfilmer’s Review: LEGO 10235 – Winter Village Market

After the emotionally wrenching Day of the Dead movie, I decided to do something without a plot. I’d gotten LEGO 10235: Winter Village Market because someday I want to do Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke as a brickfilm and that got me thinking. Just how many ways can you use a carousel? Without much thinking, at least four. In addition to Joker vs. Batman and the obvious park scene, a Victorian setting could give me a chance to try some “filters.” And of course, you have to do a scary movie. Bonus: it gave me a pretty easy way to experiment and see just how smooth I could get the animation (still need to futz more with frame rates). So there you have it. The Winter Village Market is a solid build, The carousel build was very enjoyable. And from from a brickflimer’s point of view, there are lots of uses, some creepier (and more fun) than others.


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